Monday, September 24, 2007

My Rescue

A young girl cries,
Because of the mirror’s lies.
What she sees with her eyes,
Is just part of Evil’s disguise.
Her beauty, he denies,
And manipulates her size,
Her waist, hips, arms, and theighs.
Every diet and exercise plan, she tries,
And each new weight loss pill, she buys.
For with his deception, she always complies,
Wishing to forever escape from the chastise,
Longing for a body she doesn’t despise.
It’s the world’s attention for which she vies,
Seeking approval with applause, titles, crowns, and guys.

To believers around her, her troubles are no surprise,
But she’s too scared to let any of them advise.
She saw them as enemies rather than allies.
Every destructive pattern noticed, she denies,
And every helping hand, she defies.
One by one, she seems to say her goodbyes,
Not with her words, but with actions, she implies.
By detecting her famine, she regards them as jealous spies,
Just waiting to steal her hard-earned will-power’s prize.

But there was one Friend who refused to downsize,
The Father of the earth, the moon, and the skies.
He saw her hurt, bore her pain, and heard her hunger sighs,
And waited for the perfect moment to Him to arise.
He knew with her life, only He could revive,
The great high King, most holy and wise.

After much struggle, she finally complies,
And with humble sobs, His grace, she applies,
For a healing plan, only God could devise.

For her tears, he dries,
And His strength, He supplies.
She lets His answers replace all her why’s,
With every new question, she submits to His replies.
The fat girl she used to see in the mirror eventually dies,
And in her Savior’s approval, she relies.

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Esther 4:14b

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"