Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are You For Real?

You’ve heard about people who pass off counterfeit money as real. Have you ever thought of counterfeit people? Maybe you hide who you really are to gain approval. Take this quiz to find out if you’re genuine.

1. Your friends decide to buy matching shirts at a brand- name store. You really don’t want to spend your money on an expensive shirt. You:

a. buy one anyway so you’ll fit in.

b. suggest making shirts with supplies at a craft store.

c. tell them you’ll think about it.

2. Your science teacher assigns a paper on why it’s a woman’s right to have an abortion. You:

a. write the paper but are careful to say, “Research says . . . ” so it’s not really your opinion.

b. ask for a different topic with which you agree.

c. write the paper giving the pro-life view of abortion.

3. The prom committee suggests a party on the beach after the prom. You know your dad will never let you go because he wants you to avoid situations that could lead to compromising situations. You:

a. suggest a series of old school favorites like roller skating, bowling and mini-golf.

b. say, “I can’t wait!”

c. let others talk.

4. You and your friends go to the mall. They want to shop for clothes, but you’d rather visit the bookstore. You:

a. shop for clothes hoping for a chance to suggest the bookstore later.

b. act like there’s nothing you’d rather do than paw through racks of skirts and tops.

c. ask them if they mind you going to the bookstore first and check back with them in 30 minutes to see what they’ve picked out.

5. A bunch of girls are gathering to watch the latest Friday night TV teen- drama. You’re tired of rich kids getting into trouble. You:

a. tell them you’ll pass. You’d rather spend that time doing something more worthwhile.

b. become an instant fan.

c. take a book along.

6. Your girlfriends are arguing over which candidate to vote for when it comes to the new student body president. Personally, you think the guy who isn’t as popular, but has a smart plan of action, is the best choice. You:

a. say you don’t know.

b. tell them your opinion.

c. go with the majority.

7. It is time to pick out dresses for the homecoming banquet. The first one you try on isn’t flattering on you, but your friends really like it. You"

a. tell them you’re going to look for one that will fit you better.

b. tell them you’ll think about it.

c. buy it. They have better taste than you anyway.

8. A guy friend asks you to the sports banquet. You think it’d be great to go with a friend like him so you don’t have to worry about impressing a guy you don’t know well. Your friends tell you to wait for a real date to ask you. You:

a. suggest everyone go as a group.

b. decide not to go to the banquet.

c. go with your guy friend.

9. Your boyfriend, who is a Christian, says he wonders if it’d be so bad to have premarital sex because of the commitment you have to each other. You:

a. tell him you aren’t ready.

b. change the subject.

c. tell him that premarital sex is compromising God’s best for you. There’s a reason why God desires sex to be saved for marriage, and you don’t want to mess with that plan.

Gathering the Evidence

Tally your score by using the point system for each question.

1. a = 0; b = 2; c = 1

2. a = 0; b = 1; c = 2

3. a = 2; b = 0; c = 1

4. a = 1; b = 0; c = 2

5. a = 2; b = 0; c = 1

6. a = 1; b = 2; c = 0

7. a = 2; b = 1; c = 0

8. a = 1; b = 0; c = 2

9. a = 1; b = 0; c = 2

Find the Fraud

Once your score is tallied, check to see where you fall in the lineup.

Missing In Action (0 to 5 points) You aren’t being true to yourself, and you’re letting others think you’re somebody you’re not. God created you in a unique and wonderful way (Psalm 139:14). This doesn’t mean you need to become outgoing or outspoken. Celebrate being you by being the real thing and answering truthfully when your opinion is asked or standing up for what you believe. God will help you find that balance between being silent and speaking up.

Artificial Flavoring Added (6 to 12 points) You occasionally stand up for yourself, but often you change a few things to fit in with the crowd. You try not to draw attention to yourself by expressing a different opinion than the group. It is good to be able to compromise and know you won’t always get your way, as long as you’re continuing to honor God with your choices. Don’t hesitate to let the true you show in both words and actions in those situations God calls you to take a stand and even express your preferences.

The Real Thing (13 to 18 points) What you see is what you get. You strive to find the balance between being the best you can be and accepting yourself the way you are. Remember there is a difference between always demanding your way and being true. When you speak out make sure you do it with gentleness, tact and love. You know that God will use your unique personality to do His will. The real you is the one God can best use.
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