Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coffee-like Christianity

Each generation seems to earn a nickname from society. Our parents are part of the Baby Boomers (named after the big spike in birth rates after the Great Depression.) We make up Generation X. On one hand, Generation X is defined as lazy, unmotivated, and has difficulty paying attention. Gen X'ers are also noted as being the most technologically-savvy and majorly responsible for the Internet's growth and popularity.

So what's next? As we study time and history, we can make educated guesses about the future. So what will the next generation be known as? What is making a radical impact today that will influence tomorrow? Any guesses?

You got it. The Starbucks Generation. Face it. Starbucks is everywhere. In addition to being on almost every corner, you can find them in your local Super Target and pretty much every mall's Food Court. Starbucks has even found its way into stadiums, university libraries, and concert arenas. You can find the coffee beans in almost every grocery store.

So as the church, what are we doing to reach the Starbucks generation? Or what are we not doing to reach the Starbucks Generation? Unfortunately, I think many of the same complaints that you could hear at Starbucks, a non-Christian could also use to discuss Christians and our approach to sharing the gospel...

"I can't drink this. It's way too strong..."
"Are you sure this is coffee? This tastes way too weak..."
"Something's wrong with this just tastes bitter..."

"My latte was supposed to be hot...but this is way too cold..."
Do we sometimes come on too strong and turn people away? Or do we remain too weak in our own flesh to reach out to someone who may be hurting? Do we focus too much on the problems in life and appear bitter on the outside rather than emphasizing the blessings God has given us and the sweetness that Jesus provides on the inside? And is being cool so much more important than showing we care to where we just end up coming off cold?
Over the next few posts, let's examine our hearts and see how we can prepare ourselves to get the Starbucks generation out of the coffee shop and into the church.


Melina Wikoff said...

I love your blog, Michelle!! I can't wait to read more! Just another way that God has blessed me today through one of his disciples. Thank you!
Melina(fellow GXI)

Gabrielle said...

Can't wait for the book!!!

Little Sis said...

Your great at putting your thoughts out there. The book will be AMAZING and we know it. You go girl!!

Esther 4:14b

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"