Sunday, December 9, 2007

Do You Trust Me? Part 6

Life went on for the next few months, and it was pretty normal. I finished my first year of middle school, and Melody finished her first year of high school. Before we knew it, it was almost time for the New York trip and my mom’s surgery.
I argued with my parents everyday, and I begged for them to let me stay home with my mom. It was all wasted breath. However, a few weeks before the trip, my dad told me that he had arranged for us to leave New York early so we could be home the day after my mom’s surgery when she came home from the hospital.
The trip was incredible, and I had an amazing time. I saw the Statue of Liberty, stood between the two towers of the World Trade Center, shopped in Time Square, saw the Today Show Live, and saw Beauty and the Beast on Time Square. I wished for my mom to be there at almost every turn, but I knew that she really wanted me to be on this trip.
Whenever we prayed before a meal or before the choir sang, someone always voiced my mom’s name in their prayer, so I knew we were lifting her up the best way we could.
When we got back to the hotel every night, I would call my mom and excitedly tell her about my day. I took six rolls of film during the trip, and I told her I couldn’t wait to show her every detail.
The day of my mom’s surgery came, and my dad and I headed to the airport to fly home. My sister was pretty much a basketcase when we left, but it was for the best for her to stay with her friends and keep her mind off of everything that was going on at home.
I don’t remember much about the flight home. I just knew that it took us a lot longer to drive a 60 passenger van than it did to take a flight home!
My mom was well taken care of while we were gone. Friends from church had come by during the day to keep her company, and someone new brought her dinner every night. My mom admitted that she actually liked the peace, quiet, and rest before her surgery.
The surgery itself was picture perfect. The doctors went ahead and removed a few of her lymph nodes, just in case the cancer had spread. When they completed the biopsy of the additional tissue they removed, it was benign. The cancer had not spread at all. With one surgery, she was cancer free.
I felt guilty at first, especially around Katie, because my family’s situation turned out much better than the ending she and her family were dealt. Katie never seemed upset though. She was just glad my mom was okay.
About a week after my mom’s surgery, I hugged my mom carefully and said, “I’m so glad that’s over,” I said.
She smiled. “It’s not over, Michelle. God’s still going to use this. I just don’t think he’s done yet.”
I dismissed her words without another thought. In my mind, it was over, and I was happy about it!

Once again, my mom was right. About a month after her surgery when she returned to the hospital for a follow-up visit, one of her favorite doctors told her they needed to talk to her. At first, my mom was a little nervous, thinking that perhaps they hadn’t gotten it all after all.
However, it turned out that the doctor wanted to talk to her about becoming the manager of the Baptist Cancer Institute Life Center associated with the hospital. This was a new education center they were trying to start, giving cancer patients and their families a place to go for support, encouragement, and information. The doctors were so impressed with the way my mom handled herself throughout her own battle with the disease, they knew she was the perfect fit for the job.
Even though she didn’t have any business experience. Even though she had never been a manager of anything. Even though she didn’t have a medical background. Even though all she had ever done in her adult life was teach music to elementary school students.
On paper, she was anything but qualified. Through building a relationship with her, though, the board of directors at the hospital didn’t want anyone else for the position. God really was up to something.

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Esther 4:14b

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