Friday, December 14, 2007

The List

The List
By: Michelle (soon-to-be) Myers

Princess Michelle went about every day,
Making time to create, read, and play..
She had wonderful parents to guide her way,
Who promised her God would never lead her astray.
At a young age, her wise father asked her to obey:
“You need a prince, and for him, you must pray.”

And so for once, young Michelle did as she was told,
And imagined how the rest of her life would unfold.
She took out some paper and started a list,
Of qualities in that man who somewhere did exist.
After a few minutes of thought and debate,
She began to pray for her future mate.

“God, make him nice, funny, and sweet.
Make him really strong, except in racing; make him easy to beat.
Help him to love dogs, ice cream, and You.
Make his words kind, gentle, and true.”

Michelle got older and started junior high,
She never had a boyfriend, and her friends wondered why.
“They’re not him,” she told them, yet she couldn’t convince,
That waiting was worth it, to someday have her prince.
One day she sat down and examined her list,
And realized there were a few traits she had missed.

“God, make him smart, and anything but shy,
Have him know to just hold me if I start to cry.
From up there, can you see anyone who’s a lot like my dad?
You know what a great example of a Christian man I’ve had.”

Time went on, and Michelle began to date,
Even though something inside her still wanted to wait.
They weren’t quite frogs, but nothing more than a friend.
When it came to the list, none could contend.
As high school ended, Michelle again reached for pen,
It was time to add more to that list again.

“God, help him to respect me and all my dreams,
And you know me and sports; can we please like the same teams?
He doesn’t have to be rich, I know love can’t be bought,
And I know this is shallow…but can you please make him hot?

So college started, and new boys came around,
But the boy on her list, she never found.
She gave up on the dating scene and focused on her,
The next three years were quite a blur.

Michelle finally gave in and believed all the lies,
Her prince didn’t exist; they were all just guys.
She drifted further away from the girl she’d always been,
And decided life would be better if she was just thin.

She began to feel unlovable, ugly, and plain,
Her family begged her to eat and for her body to sustain,
But Michelle wouldn’t listen,
She knew being skinny would return her glisten.

Then one day, God opened her eyes,
And He assured her that her husband list was quite wise.
“Obey Me, and follow My plan,”
God said, “And in My time, you will meet your man.”

God’s voice continued to speak after her spiritual rebirth,
“Go to Southwestern Seminary, the one in Fort Worth.”
Michelle decided to take that leap of faith and commit,
She had learned with God, it was best to submit.
She opened her desk to begin packing her supplies,
And as she came across her list, she had a few things to revise.

“God, help him to forgive me for all that I’ve done,
Make his life passion be serving Your Son.
Bring him to me either at school or at church,
I’m so tired of games, and I don’t want to search.
Please don’t let him think any girls are prettier than me,
And I know I’m headed to Texas, but please make him from Tennessee!”

Three weeks later, while on her new job,
Michelle saw a boy that by seminary standards, was a slob.
In an LSU t-shirt, shorts, and a hat,
Her urge to look a third time, she had to combat.

He finally approached her, and he did it all wrong,
But in no time at all, she found where her prince had been all along.
A gorgeous athlete from west Tennessee,
Who chased Jesus alone, by his own decree.

Their first date, they both knew right then,
They were going to be married; they just didn’t know when.
Months later, out of curiosity’s sake,
Michelle pulled out her list to see if she’d made a mistake.

As she carefully read over it, a tear fell down her cheek,
How could she have found someone so unique?
He met every quality, exceeding every one,
Michelle suddenly realized, her list was almost done.

“God, thank You for giving me this man by my side.
Please give me all that I need to be his bride.
Help him to always challenge me and tell me when I’m wrong,
Help me to let my guard down and not try to be so strong.

Thank you for making him so genuine and real,
Being in his arms every time is surreal.
He’s not everything I asked for, he’s better and he’s more,
Life is sure to never be a bore.”

“God, even though he is gorgeous, that’s not what stands out,
I see how much he loves You and serves You so devout,
I’ve always wondered how I just knew,
That he was the one, I just knew it was true.
But now I see that when I look at him, I recognize the view,
Because each time I’m around him, it’s like I’m with You.”

So Michelle smiled to herself and completed her list,
And as folded it shut, the cover she kissed.
For the cover, once empty, now boldly proclaims,
“The Characteristics I Want in My Husband: James.”

For James
Christmas 2007
I love you.

For James
Merry Christmas, baby.
I love you.

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*Heather Brooke* said...


THank you so much for sharing your personal thoughts and heart with me as well as others. The poem came close to bringing tears to my eyes. You are such an encouragement and I am so happy for you both. Best wishes to you both.

God bless!,
Heather Morris

Esther 4:14b

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"